Strawberry Papaya & Apple Fruit Leathers

Now that the weather is cooler and dryer, I'm playing with my Dehydro more. I'm super sad today, because my babier sister and nephew hit the road for the big move to Idaho tonight, so I'm in the middle of baking out my feelings.

Tomorrow is also my last farm share box of the season, so I'm trying to clear out a bit of fridge space.  Finally, I'm craving sweets now that the weather has turned, so I need something low cal and delicious to confuse my brain with, and fruit leathers are pretty good for that.

16 oz. fresh strawberry
1 small, fresh, ripe papaya
1 small granny smith apple, cored

  1. Cut the greens from your strawberry, chop.
  2. Cut your papaya in quarters, remove seeds, scoop out of skin. I'm using the smaller Caiman Golden Papaya today.
  3. Core apple and dice.
  4. In blender or food processor, puree papaya.  
  5. Add strawberries a bit at a time.  
  6. Then the same with the apple until smooth, slimy puree forms.  
  7. The papaya makes a nice base with some sweetness, and the apple provides the pectin. The taste should be mostly strawberry.
  8. Oil 2 fruit leather sheets with coconut oil.
  9. In my Presto Dehydro, it takes about 8 hours. Until only slightly tacky to touch. Set for 7, and then check every 30 min after.
  10. Roll pieces in wax paper and twist to store.  This will also make them less hard.

Makes 8 roll ups for 35 calories each.