Simple Chicken Sausage Skillet with Brussels and Turnips

Skillet meals are a single person's godsend.  They're tasty, quick, easy, and often low cal. The next few weeks are going to be super busy, so I plan to be making quite a few of them.

Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, are one of those things you either loathe or love. However I think if you love cabbage and hate brussels, you need to rethink your cooking methods.

I'm not talking about that traditional bowl of whole slimy brussels.  Thank goodness.  I used to think that's all they were, but I'm overjoyed to find I'm wrong. Cooked right, they're crisp, cabbagie, and delicious.

4 oz. raw brussel sprouts, cleaned and quartered
4 oz turnip, cleaned and thinly sliced
3 oz. chicken feta & spinach sausage.
Black pepper to taste

That's it!

I usually do a meal like this when I'm prepping.   Want to cook up a package of sausage for some quick meals this week, so first, in my large skillet, I'm going to brown them up good, and remove them all.  I'm going to chops just one up and set it aside, because each like of the Wegman's brand is 3 oz.  I hear it's comparable to the Trader Joe's brand.

  1. While the sausages cool, toss a handful of water in the skillet to make all of that sausagie goodness come free, and toss in your sprouts and turnips.  
  2. Saute until starting to brown, reintroduce the sliced sausage, and cook until heated through and sausage is browned.

Can serve one as a lunch at 221 calories, or 2 as a side at 110.