Grilled Papaya with Lavender Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream

Grilling is a summer pastime, and fruit is just as amazing grilled as it is raw.  In the case of papaya, the grill seems to really bring out the flavor.  This is a new favorite.

Added bonus-papaya is really, really good for you.  It's full of vitamin A, C, and potassium. So you feel like you're being super naughty, but you're not!

9.5 oz, give or take, papaya, raw, peeled, seeds removed
1 Tbsp lavender honey
1 vanilla ice cream cup

I love these vanilla ice cream cups, just like the ones we got in elementary school.  They're generally 100-120 calories a serving, so portion control is much easier than say, eyeing that pint.
  1. Once you have your papaya ready, toss it on the grill, until both sides have those pretty char marks.  It doesn't matter if it's electric, gas, or char.  All are tasty.  Today I'm using my Forman grill, because I didn't cook out.  Feel free to play with woods and flavors as well.  A favorite of mine is the hickory.
  2. Once the char marks appear on both sides, remove, pour honey over it, and scoop the ice cream on, distributed evenly.
Makes 1 serving at 260 calories.