Savory Spinach and Sausage Salad

You must get creative when eating so many veggies every day.  This is one of my more successful experiments.  Salty, spicy, and green.

While I'm waiting for my own, squirrel-delayed garden to grow, and my local farm share to start (2 weeks!). I like to hit the local farmers market at Otsinengo Park and grab my greens there.  Because they're fresh, and close to the source, they seem to last longer.  When I can't hit the farmers market, I always turn to Wegmans.  If you don't have a Wegmans, I'm sorry.  I've lived in a few states now, and by far they've been the best grocer's chain.  The closest thing I've found was a Dierbergs in South St. Louis (I believe Webster Groves, or near it), and it had nothing on Wegmans. For you non-Wegmans people, a Whole Foods or something similar should do.  many of these kinds of chains bring in local produce. And yes, one of the reasons Wegmans is so awesome is because they not only bring in local produce, but goodies from afar as well. Papaya, mangosteen, lychee and rambutan have all show up in our store right next to the local heirloom tomatoes. Mmmm.

Back to the salad.  Super filling, but kimchi is high in sodium.  If you have heart issues, or high blood pressure, please lay off the kimchi. 1 Tbsp. is just as tasty as 2, I promise.  A little goes a long way with this brand!

2 cups fresh, local spinach
1 hot Italian chicken sausage (Lupo's shown here)
3 pansy heads, homegrown
1-2 Tbsp. WildBrine Japanese Style Miso Horseradish Kimchi
1 tsp mustard seed
2 tsp chili flakes

The salty miso, the floral and heated horseradish, mixed with the fresh green taste of spinach and rich spicy chicken sausage is wonderful.  I was licking my lips. The citrus undertones of the kimchi works well with the minty tones of the pansy, although originally the pansy was just added for color.

Approx. 130 calories