Drunken Blueberry Lilac Salad

I love lilacs.  They're one of my favorite flowers.  We never had them as kids because my mother is super allergic to them, but my new place has a tiny bush outside, and I steal the blooms for scent and prettiness as much as for food.

Yup, lilacs are edible.Lilac is a member of the olive family.  But they aren't very olivy in the way we normally eat them.  Instead, they have a sweet and bitter lemony taste.  They're also awesome in lemon water and vodka drinks.

So, when I smelled the heady scent of first blooms on the air this morning, in the warm sunshine of an early summer in the Bing, I knew I had to make a salad.  But first I needed to hit the farmer's market to see what was out that might work. Lo and behold, Shared Roots Farm was selling a baby mix and I snagged small bags of each of their greens and made my way home.

2 cups baby salad greens, fresh from the farmers market
1/4 cup blueberries
2 sprigs, not heads, of lilac blooms from my yard. Just the flower
2 pansy heads from my garden

1 Tbsp. Fiordifrutta organic apricot spread
1 Tbsp. generic apple cider vinegar
1/2 Tbsp. Evan Williams American Honey Bourbon

Approx. 100 calories